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11 Spring Staples for Your Work Capsule Wardrobe

by | 05.02.23 | Fashion

If you work in a corporate or office setting, you probably have clothes that you wear strictly for work. While I tend to mix in some of my suit pieces and office-style blouses into my everyday looks, I keep a separate work capsule wardrobe of time staples that I can mix and match with ease.

A work capsule wardrobe should consist of classic pieces that create a sophisticated chic look. I especially recommend neutrals, so the items can be mixed and matched to create a variety of outfits. Include a variety of timeless staples of good quality.

I have compiled a list of eleven must-have staples for your work capsule wardrobe this spring. These are items you can actually rotate through your wardrobe all year long. But I particularly like some of them for spring due to the lightness and elegance they bring to outfits.

1. Black Blazer

Nothing is more timeless than a black blazer. I own several black blazers in different cuts and styles (oversized, long, cropped, collarless, etc.). And I wear them for both office outfits and everyday styles. But a black blazer is a must for a work capsule wardrobe in any season.

I really like this black blazer by Ann Taylor. You can also purchase a version of it from their outlet store for a lower price.

MLF wearing black skirt suit from Ann Taylor and black heel sandals from Amazon, cream blouse
2. Black Pencil Skirt

A traditional black pencil skirt that matches your black blazer is another must-have for your work capsule wardrobe. Nothing is more flattering and chic for the office than a black pencil skirt. And having one that is the same shade of black as your blazer will allow you to wear the pieces together without the colors clashing and looking tacky.

Every woman should own at least one full suit for business meetings, interviews, or other events requiring business-formal attire. This skirt is also from Ann Taylor and a similar version can also be purchased at their outlet store for less.

MLF wearing black skirt suit from Ann Taylor and black heel sandals from Amazon, cream blouse
3. Cream-Colored Blouse

The classic cream-colored blouse is another must-have for your work capsule wardrobe. The cream color goes well with warmer-toned outfits and, of course, black. Pair this with browns, tans, olive green, warmer reds/pinks, or navy blue.

I purchased this blouse from Ann Taylor several years ago and still wear it regularly. You can find a similar version from Quince here.

4. Black Heel Sandals

A black heel is another quintessential piece to have in your work capsule wardrobe. I particularly like an open-toed heel for spring as we welcome warmer weather. I think a sandal is a little less formal and a little more fun.

I purchased this black sandal with a block heel on Amazon. I also purchased this version (with a short stiletto heel) for a more chic and traditional look. I prefer shorter heels for the office, as I personally do a lot of walking during my work day.

Dream Pairs on Amazon black sandal with block heel
5. Neutral Blazer

A neutral blazer is great for spring and a piece I highly recommend including in your work capsule wardrobe. My favorite one is this neutral blazer by Theory in the color “Wheat.” It’s collarless and long which makes you look thinner and taller. The collarless look is very sleek and chic.

Theory is more pricey for women’s suits, but you can purchase this particular blazer at their outlet store online at a fraction of the cost. This has quickly become my go-to blazer this spring.

MLF wearing Theory crepe pant suit in wheat with button up white blouse and white mules
6. Neutral Slacks

Just like with the black suit, I recommend a matching pair of slacks to go with the neutral blazer. These slightly cropped tapered slacks from Theory pair well with the collarless blazer and give the appearance of looking slimmer. The suit set is crepe material and is very comfortable.

7. White Button-Up Blouse

A white button-up is another timeless and classic must-have piece for your work capsule wardrobe. You can get a version of this style almost anywhere. I wear my white button-up shirts with everyday styles as well, so having a few different versions of this shirt is important.

I like a silky version for my work capsule wardrobe because it’s a more elegant look. I purchased this white button-up from Target for $25.

MLF wearing Theory crepe pants in wheat with button up white blouse and white mules
8. White Mules

White mules are light, elegant, and a perfect look for spring. I really like this pair from Sam Edelman because they look like loafers, which create a timeless and sophisticated look. They also closely resemble Gucci’s white mules but only cost about $140. Plus, you can order them on Amazon. Sam Edelman’s version is a comfortable and stylish alternative.

White mules Sam Edelman
9. Lightweight Neutral Sweater

A lightweight neutral sweater is a great addition to your spring capsule wardrobe. Layers are important in spring, as the weather can be finicky and range from very cold to very warm. A light sweater can be worn over a collared blouse or under a blazer as an extra layer for warmth.

This season I purchased a lightweight neutral sweater from Loft. It was affordable, simple, and elegant. The sweater is the perfect thickness for a light spring layer.

10. Black Trousers

I am particularly loving the wide leg look that is popular right now. I got these wide leg trousers on Amazon. They are so stylish and comfortable. I machine wash mine on a normal cycle and put them in the dryer without any damage. Plus, these wide leg trousers come in a variety of colors. Black is a safe bet because it is the ultimate classic color in fashion and goes with anything.

MLF wearing black wide leg trousers from Amazon and lightweight neutral sweater
11. Black Loafers

Black loafers are one of the most classic and timeless pieces to include in any wardrobe, especially one for the office. They are very versatile and can be worn with jeans or slacks and create a chic look.

My favorite affordable pair are these black loafers by Sam Edelman. They look very similar to Gucci’s classic black loafer but only cost about $150. Plus, you can order them on Amazon.

Black loafers Sam Edelman

Check your closet to see what you already own from this list and incorporate those items into your work capsule wardrobe this spring. If you are missing anything, most of the items I recommend above are under $200 with the exception of the blazer. (Although it is frequently on sale for less than $200.) Comment below if you need additional recommendations.